Zayn dating rebecca ferguson

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Zayn dating rebecca ferguson

She already had two children (Lillie May, now 11, and Karl Jnr, now nine) from another relationship.“I went through a really hard time and I’m not going to sugar coat it,” she says.“I could easily have lied and said the album was all about female empowerment.

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“But then I’d be lying and I’m not willing to do that for the sake of so many other women who are going through the same thing.“It’s very personal.“My relationship broke down and it was the lowest point in my life.“I ended up carrying a baby alone but effectively he wasn’t a part of any of it.

<em>Rebecca</em> <em>Ferguson</em> supports <em>Zayn</em> Malik in One Direction exit

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He walked away.“So I went through something really traumatic and I had to fht to build myself back up again.

Rebecca Ferguson supports Zayn Malik in One Direction exit

"But I look back and it was a fairly positive time in my life.

Zayn dating rebecca ferguson:

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