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Without yielding to methodical processes, Valérie’s philosophy consists of opening up to others and letting herself be guided by her curiosity and desire to learn more about her peers. Therefore, Valérie Barkowski’s approach to style is often a testimonial, from crossing borders to exchanging with exceptional individuals and exploring inspirational territories (Russia, Morocco, India, France).

Hors du Temps’ excursion - Yverdon-les

From these experiences and exchanges, a modern mindset emerges from traditions. The creation and development of the brand by Valerie Barkowski, seen by many as an endless repertoire of classics, is the perfect illustration of a collective adventure with, as central characters, the Marrakesh craftsmen and artisans, whom Valérie Barkowski always takes the time to credit and never fails to honor.

<strong>Hors</strong> du <strong>Temps</strong>’ excursion - Yverdon-les

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A similar open-minded spirit has been guiding Valérie Barkowski from 2008 to 2012 in developing Bandit Queen, a brand concept created from A to Z for the Indian Synergy Lifestyles.

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What was initially the vision of a brand and its collections is now a real life project acclaimed unanimously.

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