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It was then that things started to go amiss for the elderly man, who had lost his first, and longtime, wife just one year before.

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His mind became hazy while driving on the journey, unable to distinguish between gears and forgetting how to start the car.

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Soon, his condition worsened: He needed a wheelchair and couldn't put on his shoes. He looked a little green, very gaunt-looking," she recounted. Weeks, on the other hand, she was beautifully groomed, in a lovely red suit." The next day, Weeks fell out of bed, hit the hardwood floor and had to be hospitalized.

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Upon the newlyweds' return to Nova Scotia, they checked into a bed and breakfast, where Weeks told the owner of the establishment, Cheryl Chambers, that they were both ill and had been up "vomiting all nht." Chambers told the CBC investative program "The Fifth Estate" that only one of them appeared to be sick. Doctors found him heavily drugged — the result, it was later found, of Shepard spiking his coffee with tranquilizers.

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