My hookup keeps texting me

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For me, the worst part about being single is the late nht text- anything from 2-4am.

The Blow Off the inconsistent, wishy-washy, hot & cold BLOW OFF

I’m an overanalyzer and an overthinker, so those texts are my worst nhtmare.

Is My Ex Boyfriend Using Me As A Quick

Why do I keep getting sexual texts from

I usually screenshot it and send it to approximately 45 different people asking the one and only question we all ask when our phone goes off at 2am- does he like me or does he just want laid? You can’t have it all, and when you have a brain that b the part responsible for social interaction doesn’t work, its science.

My Ex Wife Keeps Texting Me.

When I tell my dude friends that a guy late nht texted me they say two things- nore him and don’t sleep with him. They’re not good at picking up girls, they don’t have the lines or the charm. When you go in for the (because he’s too shy) and he’s just fured out he’s actually landing the girl, prepare yourself.

My hookup keeps texting me:

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