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It was funny and sweet and I especially liked that even when the melodrama came along the writer never forgot that this drama is orinally a romantic comedy. Jeong Jin Woon has pretty impressive abs ;) Hehe~ Sorry! Not because she was likable but because but because it was a very daring step at the part of the writer. She was selfish in the natural way and she was cunning.

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I agree that a rom-com is incomplete without a little drama but in some dramas when it's time for the melo the writer forgets that the drama was supposed to be a rom-com and then it's melo everywhere (Fated To Love You, I'm looking at you). The main couple's story as well as the stories of the side characters played out really well and the pacing was very good. He's not bad at acting either and since he's an idol he has a good voice too. He was so mysterious and at first I really liked the mystery but they never revealed the mystery, at least not completely. I really liked the deviation from the conventional lead's BFF.

Drama 2014 <em>Marriage</em> Without Love 연애 말고 결혼 - k-dramas.

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I lost a little interest towards the end but it was quickly regained and by the last episode I found myself not wanting to say goodbye to this drama. But I didn't feel a connection with him that I want to feel with the main characters. All the side characters were great as well and did a very good job.

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Cinematography: I don't usually talk about this because I don't have such a keen eye for such things but in this drama even I noticed that the shooting was done brilliantly! The close-ups made for some pretty funny scenes but they were also used in serious ones with added impact as well. I don't usually like characters like Jang Mi but Han Groo really made her likable and relatable. But I never could have guessed that Han Sunhwa is an idol! I would especially like to mention Kim Hae Sook here.

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