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Transforming Hookup Culture A Review of American Hookup.

Set in small-town, rural Alberta, it’s a gripping yarn that revolves principally around two dysfunctional families who wind up living across from each other.

Lessons The Worst Hookup Of My Life Taught Me About. - Ravisy

If the author trades in some familiar stereotypes of small-town life, she also finds fresh inshts into contemporary youth culture and the mating rituals of teens and adults.

How Does <em>Hookup</em> Culture Affect Sexual Assault on Campus? -

Author pens valuable life lessons for youthful

Some readers mht raise an eyebrow at the way certain characters swear frequently, or at their occasional sexual encounters, but in the end Narine’s book is never gratuitous, never less than believable, and rich in life lessons.

What I learned from the classic college hook-up culture at

“I wanted to explore this whole idea of the ‘hook-up’ culture,” the author explains.

Hookup life:

Rating: 89 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates