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Amidst a media frenzy, Alex arrived in Tree Hill and was met at the airport by Millie.

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Alex continued to maintain a good public image for herself by taking the time to sn an autograph for a disabled girl, but Millie was stunned when Alex dropped the act when out of the public eye, revealing the true, materialistic, vapid Alex Dupré.

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Alex then met Brooke Davis, the owner of Clothes Over Bro's, and made a quick impression on both her and Millie with her blunt and often careless nature such as insinuating that Brooke was a plus-sized girl and telling Brooke straht out that she didn't like the desns for the new line.

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After her involvement in Brooke and Julian's relationship caused them to break up and Julian took his anger out on her, Alex tried to commit suicide.

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