Hook up fishing lures

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The Hook Up Tackle Bass Fishing Lures-Bass Fishing Rods, Reels.

To test your hook simply draw the hook point across your fingernail, a sharp hook will leave a lht scratch and ds in to your nail.

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A dull hook will skate across your nail with out dging in.

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When necessary touch up the hook point by using a hook file or sharpening stone, simply draw the hook sharpener against the point of your hook a few times (parallel to the shank) on the bottom, and then take a couple of quick strokes to each side of the hook Don’t be misled that new hooks out of the box are always sharp especially the cheap hooks that are made of soft poor quality steel.

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Even hh quality hooks will dull over time and use by hitting rocks and debris in the water.

Hook up fishing lures:

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