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As early as 1361 Emperor Charles IV had conferred on Burgrave Frederick V the rht to mint coins for the towns of Bayreuth and Kulmbach. In February 1430, the Hussites devastated Bayreuth and the town hall and churches were razed.

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Matthäus Merian described this event in 1642 as follows: "In 1430 the Hussites from Bohemia attacked / Culmbach and Barreut / and committed great acts of cruelty / like wild animals / against the common people / and certain individuals.

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/ The priests / monks and nuns they either burnt at the stake / or took them onto the ice of lakes and rivers / (in Franconia and Bavaria) and doused them with cold water / and ed them in a deplorable way / as Boreck reported in the Bohemian Chronicle, page 450" By 1528, less than ten years after the start of the Reformation, the lords of the Frankish margrave territories switched to the Lutheran faith.

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The town was ruled until 1248 by the counts of Andechs-Merania.

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