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La Nt Rah, for her part, was alerting me to a work-from-home opportunity in which, "for just 5USDOLLAR," I could "get back more than hundreds for just 1months." If it sounds like I'm bragging about all my hot online dalliances, I'm not.

Friendster Valued At Just $26.4 Million In Sale TechCrunch

It's easy enough to tell that my weirdly forward, grammar-challenged e-harem does not contain any real people.

<b>Friendster</b> Valued At Just .4 Million In Sale TechCrunch

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Skylar and Patricia have the same photo atop their profiles, and said photo is actually of model/actress Jaime King.

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* Furthermore, the information in both Melody's and Taylor's profiles is about someone who goes by Angelina and whose gallery of friends includes a girl who lists her name as "Extreme Ass." The occupations listed on the profiles—Skylar is a "sexton," Cheyanne a "turner"—also seem kind of suspicious.

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