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This opinion got more popular with age: While 50% of respondents who fell in Generation Z (ages 18-23) agreed, 71% of the Lost Generation (ages 67-82) felt the same way.

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And when the distinction was made solely between males and females, 55% of men and 63% of women agreed that the man should cover the cost.

Sharing <i>costs</i> in a new relationship? - <i>dating</i> money resolved Ask.

Sharing costs in a new relationship? - dating money resolved Ask.

The next most popular opinion: 42% of respondents said that whoever asks for the date should swing the check, with a 36% to 49% split between men and women, respectively.

What's Your Price? Dating Site Lets You Pay Up Front for Women.

If you had asked me in 2007 whether I thought you and I would connect, I would have thought you were crazy. If you don’t, I will return the cost of that session to you.

Forth one dating cost:

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