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That doesn’t stop MSpy from advertising itself as “100% undetectable.” So what can MSpy do? The App has already caused uproar with the media dubbing it ‘the stalking app.’ Use a strong password on your personal devices.

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Track all ingoing/outgoing s with a duration and timestamp. Try to use 10 characters and a mix of numbers, special characters, and upper and lower case letters. These are some of the names of ‘contactless’ cards, and if you own one you should be extra vilant.

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Experts recommend to use your passwords like a toothbrush: don’t let anyone else use it, and change it every six months. A research team at the Georgia Institute of Technology found that any phone newer than the i Phone 4 has a sophisticated "accelerometer." This is nerd speak for a tilt sensor. These cards are fitted with a Radio Frequency Identification Chip (RFID) and the idea was to simplify purchases.

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The sensor is so advanced that should you leave your cell on your desk, it can read the vibrations from your keyboard and detect what you’re typing with 80% accuracy. While retail transactions may be a little easier, so is stealing your money.

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