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“The rules of courtship are in the transitional period,” said Diane Mapes, a dating expert and author of “How to Date in a Post-Dating World.” “There is a lot of confusion and frustration — and expectation out there.” That’s likely why guys tend to follow the trusted traditional etiquette — at first.

Rules to Follow to Get a Second Date

But it’s becoming a courtesy for gals to offer after that. But tossing them an offer throws them into a fool’s game: If guys accept or refuse, they risk offending gals.

It's complicated <strong>Who</strong> <strong>pays</strong> on dates - Business -

It's complicated Who pays on dates - Business -

“There are many more pitfalls for males than females,” said Janet Lever, a sociologist at California State University in Los Angeles who helped write and interpret the study.

Going Dutch on a Date Good Idea? eHarmony Advice

That’s because some gals who make the modern effort just do it to be polite.

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