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The Etiquette of Paying for Dates Today Personal Finance

‘He’s making me pay’ Judy Mc Guire, a dating expert and author of “How Not to Date,” has witnessed a phony offer gone awry.

Rules to Follow to Get a Second Date

She fixed up two friends, and after offering to pay on their first date, the girlfriend ed Mc Guire from the ladies’ toilet.

<em>Rules</em> to Follow to Get a Second Date

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She said, in astonishment: “He’s making me pay.” “Some women are really feminist in all parts of life — and then revert to the '50s kind of would-be housewife model,” Mc Guire said.

First date question Who pays? The new rules and

But some gals really, truly want to pay, like Kristina Hoock.

Dating who pays rules:

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