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"Hey, you're famous, I'm famous, you're good looking, I'm good looking, you've been nominated for an Oscar, I've been nominated for four, I drive a motorcycle, you turned yourself into one...wanna take a ride?

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Harley Davidson Dating Site for.

"This may or may not have been part of the conversation that preceded Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's nht out Friday.

Harley-Davidson <em>Motorcycles</em> Harley Davidson <em>Dating</em> Site for.

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The actor was photographed giving the pop star and actress a ride on his Ducatti motorcycle and arriving with her at the Giogio Baldi Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, California—a favorite eatery of power couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

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Gaga looked every bit the biker chick, sporting a black leather jacket, black top, ripped lht blue jeans, a black studded belt and black leather studded boots.

Dating motorcycles:

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