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The Dating Scene at Harvard Her Campus

His late grandfather, Austin Lohse, had played football and lacrosse for B Green, and both Andrew and his older brother, Jon, a Dartmouth junior, idolized him as the embodiment of the hh-achieving, hard-drinking, fraternal ethos of the Dartmouth Man, or what Lohse s a "true bro." A Dartmouth Man is a specific type of creature, and when I ask Lohse what constitutes true bro-ness, he provides an idealized portrait of white-male privilege: "good-looking, preppy, charismatic, excellent at cocktail parties, masculine, intellent, wealthy (or soon to become so), a little bit rough around the edges" – not, in other words, a "douchey, superpolished Yalie." A true bro, Lohse adds, can also drink inhuman amounts of beer, vomit profusely and keep on going, and perform a number of other hard-partying feats – Dartmouth provided the real-life inspiration for – that most people, including virtually all of Lohse's hh school friends, would find astounding.

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This, like the hh salaries that Dartmouth graduates command – the sixth-hhest in the country, according to the most recent estimates – is a point of pride.

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"We win," is how one of Lohse's former buddies puts it.

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On January 25th, Andrew Lohse took a major detour from the winning streak he'd been on for most of his life when, breaking with the Dartmouth code of .

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