Dating buildings

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Introduction to dating timber-framed buildings

The application of Thermally (TL) and Optiy (OSL) Stimulated Luminescence on bricks used as building material has allowed solving an chronological issue in the field of historical building dating.

Dating Historic Buildings

The possibility to use one or more methodologies of dating is closely related to the luminescent and granulometric characteristics of the sample.

Introduction to <em>dating</em> timber-framed <em>buildings</em>

Quadripartite ribbed roofing systems of buildings in

Using some brick samples collected in the church of Sain Seurin in Bordeaux (France), this paper discusses the implications and the possibility to use different approaches and ques for dating.

Dating Historical Buildings An Update on the Possibilities of.

With this aim luminescence measurements were performed on both polymineral fine grain and quartz inclusion phases extracted from each brick.

Dating buildings:

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