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Sophie Webster Coronation Street

Kym says Michelle has been "taken by surprise about Robert's confession about his past. She's a tough cookie though it would be nice to see her having a slhtly easier time of it." Kym says that she misses working with Simon Gregson (Steve Mc Donald).

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But she has accepted it was his past and has nothing to do witht he man he is now. "Well, I still get to see him most days and he still winds me up and we have a joke - but I think for Michelle that ship has sailed for the time being!

Episode updates - February 2017 -

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Paton, portrayed by Janice Mc Kenzie, was a head teacher at Weatherfield Comprehensive, and was informed of Sarah-Louise Platt's (Tina O'Brien) pregnancy.

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She assured Sarah and her concerned parents that Sarah will receive support from the school staff, which Martin was apprehensive about as he didn't want the baby's father Neil Fearns (Paul Holowaty) to be involved. Paton then informed Sarah a week later that the school staff were wanting her to take a job backstage for the production of Grease.

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