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Scream Queens' Season 2 Recap Meet Colton Haynes's Character.

Galvin comes from the New York theater world, where he started out at 9 years old in a community theater production of Oliver. And he turned out to be like — I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but fuck it. Have you had conversations with the producers about what the second season of The Real O’ Neals will look like? The executive producers and the creators had a season-two pitch meeting with the network, and we had a sit-down, we’ll-see-what-happens meeting prior to that. That’s not doing anything for the little gays but giving them more masturbation material. But I’m like, thank God I get to play 16; I’m not playing 12 anymore. That’s my go-to when playing younger people: a little slouchy.


The Real O’Neals is his first major foray into television. All they want to do is go out until the wee hours of the nht. I’d rather be posted up at home with a of friends, doing nothing. I basiy just talked about little things we’d want in the show. It’s gay-heavy and conflict-heavy between the mother and the son. I’m very excited to get to explore Kenny’s passions. You’ve talked a lot about this already, but I have to …I understand. It was not a point of contention, but a discussion point. He’s a kid that’s been hiding a portion of himself for a very long time. The idea of his flamboyance, there’s an ebb and flow to it because we shot in a certain order, and then it airs in a completely different order.

Scream Queens' Season 2 Recap Meet <b>Colton</b> <b>Haynes</b>'s Character.

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He plays a 16-year-old Catholic-school student named Kenny who comes out of the closet to his relious family and school in the pilot. As a character, he hasn’t had those opportunities because he’s suppressed his true self. Playing a gay character on a gay TV show, being gay in real life … I have a very large crew of people that all wehed in. I think he’d be a little closed off, a little hunched over, a little hidden. Me and our hair guy, Jimmy Servera, had created a perfect hair journey from start to finish of his hair getting gayer and gayer. Get out of my face with your wishy-washy bullshit answer.

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Galvin, who just turned 22, is gay himself, but that’s where most of the similarities between him and his character end. It’s abusive how long they string you along for it. He’s never been able to fully give himself over to anything in terms of an extracurricular. But the question I’m interested in is if it was ever a question to stay in the closet? But because of the show and the character and this opportunity I’m being given, I couldn’t not come out publicly, solely for the people that watch our show. So it’s an interesting thing I’m learning to navate and having to deal with for the first time. But by the time it airs, that hair journey is completely thrown out because it’s being aired in a random order.

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