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Rufflenecks are creating 'Hunt and Snare', an adult

Firstly, it’s long and you are going to wish you were nearer the end than the beginning on many occasions. There’s no real story that cohesively holds the whole thing together that is really of much interest. She spent some time in South Africa during WW2, was for many years a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain and has published a novel which hasn’t done too badly.

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Although each of these in itself has the potential to be an engaging read, Lessing is too much of a realist for that.

Rufflenecks are creating 'Hunt and Snare', an adult

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Instead you are bound and gagged and placed on the fringe of endless conversations Lessing uses to portray communism, attitudes towards women, sexuality, male-female relationships and so on which culminate (although that’s far too strong a word) in something that may be a nervous breakdown (again, too strong a phrase).

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[...] Seul entrepreneur de la Silicon Valley à avoir soutenu Donald Trump pendant la campagne présidentielle, Peter Thiel est devenu aujourd'hui le principal conseiller du président américain en matière de technologie, [...] Depuis 2014, Intellence Online suit au jour le jour les enquêtes américaines, britanniques et désormais françaises qui ciblent les pratiques commerciales d'Airbus depuis le début des années 2000.

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