Should i hook up with my ex girlfriend

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Horrible Truths About Hooking Up With Your Ex Thought Catalog

I’ve started encouraging friends to keep hooking up with their exes. The point is, the person doesn’t have the will power for the cold turkey thing.

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Like when a friend comes to me and says, “ugh it’s such a disaster, and I don’t know what I want, but we just keep hooking up…” I say, “I think you should just keep doing it then.” It’s a sharp rht turn from my previous position that the only way to effectively break up is cold turkey – part of my “tough love is true love” philosophy. When that’s the case I say, “okay, so keep hooking up.” will happen.

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Ways to Hook Up with an Ex Girlfriend - How

I maintain that position for people who can do it, but some people in some relationships absolutely cannot effect the cut ties break-up. You’ll decide you should just be back together and will get back together.

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They need to “stay friends” or “keep in contact” or “see where things go.” Is it really over? You’ll get furious that this is going on without a legit relationship, have a blow-up fht, and break up for good.

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