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“Good” Mormons find a Mormon church even while on vacation and attend on Sunday. Accept and perform whatever church job (aka "ing") they give you. Every member is asked to visit other members and teach a lesson out of a manual once per month.

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Young Mormon couples are known to get married on a Saturday and attend church the very next morning. This is known as Home Teaching for the men, and Visiting Teaching for the women. Fast once per month [which to Mormons is no food or water for 24 hours.]18.

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Sundays are for church only, no “worldly” activities are permitted [this includes shopping, dining out, recreational activities, kid's sporting events, etc.]19.

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No smoking, no alcohol (not even a little) no coffee (not even decaf), no tea (not even green tea! Do not associate with other non-Mormons (except when engaged in #9 above.)11.

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