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Review In 'The Lobster,' Colin Farrell Plays a Divorced Man in a.

(MORE: 10 Tips for Working for a Younger Boss) Along the way, Liza learns about other things the show seems to think baffle anyone born before 1990 including Twitter, One Direction (which, by the way, is more apt to appeal to 16-year-olds than twentysomethings, but whatever), Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift.

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Eventually, I'm guessing to the classics from which it borrows, with Liza, like Dustin Hoffman's title character, realizing that the experience of walking a mile in someone else's shoes can make one a better, more-comfortable-in-one's-skin person.

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A Mixed Message While we wait for moment, though, its message is a muddle.

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What is the show trying to say about 40-ish people when all of its characters in that age bracket are either: hateful (Liza's boss), desperate (Liza's pals, who come to New York for dinner and are depicted as dolts because they're eager to try the latest food fads), rude (the guy who takes Liza to dinner and nores her while he texts with other, presumably more compliant, women) or puzzling (as played by Debi Mazar, Liza's BFF comes off as weirdly enthusiastic about Liza's return visit to her 20s)?

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