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Ah, yes, said the local managers, we do happen to have some space free. Sue joined her flock of trainees on the empty ward. And the story tells us something important about the Health Service: don’t believe the fures, believe the anecdotes.

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She announced that they were going to do a role-play game, and that half of those present would pretend to be chickens. There are a lot of numbers always being thrown around about the NHS.

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They would act like chickens while the other half looked on to encourage and judge them on how well they were doing. They prove the Health Service is the most efficient medical organisation in the world, and the least efficient.

Download marriage not dating sub indo mp4 Horizon Beach

Soon after the exercise had begun, Sue began to reflect on the nature of the Health Service. They prove that people are getting more and better operations than ever before, and they prove that waiting lists are awful and aftercare worse.

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