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Tinder Malaysia How It Really Works And How To Get Matches.

Subha said she managed to obtain a RM150,000 loan from PTPTN while the balance amount was covered with her father’s savings and borrowings from other sources.

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“I pay about RM2,000 a month to settle my education loans, including the PTPTN loan,” she said, adding that she still has to settle the outstanding amount for the next 20 years.

Tinder <i>Malaysia</i> How It Really Works And How To Get Matches.

Why Malaysia will stay a third world country Stuck in the middle

She further stressed that most of the Malaysian doctors are having a hard time paying their loans and debts.

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Taking into account Subha’s predicament, this brings us to the question: is it really worth pursuing a medical degree in Malaysia with such hh fees; which is indeed endorsed by the government?

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