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In 1798, construction was started on a permanent fortification at Dumpling Rock under the supervision of Major Louis Tousard of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Decorative dolphin-shaped ear wax picker found at Jamestown and.

This fort was officially ed Fort Louis and, later, Fort Brown (after Major General Jacob Brown, commanding general of the United States Army, or possibly after its Revolutionary War commander, Abdiel Brown), but it was commonly ed Fort Dumpling throughout its existence.

Decorative dolphin-shaped ear wax picker found at <strong>Jamestown</strong> and.

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Fort Dumpling was in the form of an oval stone tower and was frequently used as an artistic motif and a place for social outings.

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The fort was mentioned in the Secretary of War's report on fortifications for December 1811 as being at "the Dumplins" and is described as "a circular tower of stone, with casemates... government purchased additional land during the Endicott period of coastal fortification, and built Fort Wetherill at the site of Fort Dumpling.

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