I'm really bad at dating

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I'm Really Bad At Updating This After Cons by Flaming-Goddess on.

So she has been single for a few months now and our friendship is about normal, the same, which is pretty good.

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Honestly it is about as good as a boy-girl friendship can be without going another step. lol She kinda came on to me one nht a few weeks ago, but she was REALLY gone and I just wanted to get her home, but in the back of my mind I was thinking maybe she mht like me. People were kind of mentioning that I should ask her out, from friends to family to general acquaintances.

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I'm a guy and I'm really bad at talking/texting with girls. -.

Her best friend kind of danced around it, and it was slhtly awkward, but I got the best friends approval lol.

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Then she found someone and they starting going out. Seemed being the key word, he was a total dick to her.

I'm really bad at dating:

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