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He then revealed that they rushed things so much in their relationship that they didn’t get a proper chance to get to know each other.

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Kate vowed that the two of them would begin an emotional “deep dive.”Toby Opened Up About His Suicidal Past After asking each other a series of benn questions in an attempt to get to know each other better, Kate dropped a b bombshell, asking Toby if his postdivorce suicidal ideation was a “one-time thing.” Toby responded by being his usual candid-honest-perfect self, saying, “I have struggled with depression ever since I was a teenager …

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But when Josie and I split up, that was my rock bottom.” Toby continued, tugging our hearts along the way with, “I did sit around and get really drunk and count up all the painers I had left over from my wisdom-tooth surgery.”He then assured Kate that after plenty of therapy, he’s now in “the best place I’ve ever been.” And boy, did the tears start flowing after that!

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Toby is a hero, single-handedly helping to remove mental-health stma one TV episode at a time! Toby Asked Kate About Jack’s Death After opening up to Kate about his past, Toby took the opportunity to ask his fiancée about a particular event that has been on our minds all season. Because we’ve been screaming that exact question into a void for weeks! Either way, Jack's death will cause Us to cry until our body literally runs out of water.

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