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Build a mobile app to promote your dating site

This enables them to successfully suggest matches between different members of the website.

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When the suggested matches mutually approve one another, the matchmakers are available to then guide them through the dating process by keeping in touch, giving advice and answering questions.

Super Cool and Fun <b>Dating</b> <b>Site</b> in the USA

Cherry Blossoms Dating Site Now Mobile Friendly - LoveVisaLife

With over 2,300 members of Saw You At Sinai successfully married through the service, the creators hope that combining the convenience of the mobile platform with the caring touch of the SYAS matchmakers, will result in even more happy couples.

Top 10 Best Mobile Dating Apps in 2013 - Cyber-Dating Expert

“With the mobile version of the site, singles will be able to communicate with each other and their matchmakers more quickly and easily than ever before,” Marc Goldmann stated.

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