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Wallpaper - Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Desn

York Wallcoverings has been beautifying homes around the world for over 100 years, and the expertise and old world craftsmanship - handed down from generation to generation - is still evident in every roll produced.

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With a variety of printing equipment, including some of the most modern available today, the company’s historic Surface Presses, dating back to the late 1800’s, still produce some of the most artistic wallpapers in the world – wallpapers that can not be duplicated by modern presses.

<strong>Wallpaper</strong> - Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Desn

Out of the Closet finding the historic wallpapers of

These rare treasures have been carefully maintained for over 100 years and are cherished by all who work at York.

The Orinal Morris & Co - Arts and Crafts wallpaper

Although the extraordinary beauty of 5th Avenue Desns is demonstrated by its finished product, it begins its artistic journey in the award winning studio of York Wallcoverings, with every desn starting as an orinal artwork, sometimes created by the studio’s talented fine artists, and other times, as a desn document, from the York Archives - an incredibly rich, and expansive source of authentic document prints, reference books, fabrics, historic wallpaper desns and unique artwork dating back to the late 18th century.

Dating historic wallpaper:

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