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If either one of you truly doesn't want a long distance relationship, break it off cleanly when she moves (or before if things are too weird knowing you'll be breaking up soon). (1) she got more invested than she expected, especially in so short of a time; (2) she is moving away from her friends and support system; and (3) she will be in a new environment and a new job in a new city, etc. If the above statements are really true, the problem you'll have may not be ending it but keeping it ended.

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This sort of thing can really throw a person for a loop.

Move <em>away</em>, SNSD!

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When you snatch away someone's entire support system and put them in a strange place, they will start acting in ways that you previously would have considered out-of-character. If she doesn't find someone special in the new location pretty quickly, your relationship will probably not end but will rather head into uncharted waters. Tell her that she can you if she needs someone to talk to, but don't initiate any s.

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I don't think you'll really know how to proceed until she has been gone for about 6 weeks. Also, don't underestimate her ability to adapt to her new surroundings.

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