Dating a rape victim help

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Sexual Assault - BYU-Idaho

It is important that this silence be broken, and survivors be heard.

Date Rape - Teen Violence Statistics

By doing so, we break the grasp that rape has upon so many. The journey to heal may be terrifying; the steps, long and tedious.

<b>Dating</b> violence

Dangers of date rape drugs, how to avoid becoming a victim - YouTube

By building a bridge of awareness and empowerment, woman and men who have experienced rape can be healed and heard. Awareness not only of what rape is, but the repercussions that grow deep into the soil of someone's soul. When someone takes something without someone's consent it is theft.

Acquaintance Rape- Stranger Rape - Healing & Recovery- PTSD.

Rape may have the roots of power, control, and fear. It is amazing what survivors can do under nurturing conditions. When someone crosses sexual boundaries without consent, it is rape.

Dating a rape victim help:

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