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ASU faculty votes to toughen policy on dating students

“I believe consent is not really possible when there are large asymmetries in power with respect to decisions that can negatively or positively affect the lives of students.” The policy revision has come after a string of publicized faculty-student relationships, and most recently the dismissal of a professor who was sexually involved with a student from Barrett, ASU’s Honor College, according to the Phoenix Times, who recently ran a story on the close-knit community of Barrett. Department of Education, ASU is on the list of 55 institutions being investated for violation of Title IX, which “prohibits discrimination of the basis of sex in all education programs or activities that receive federal finance assistance.” Harvard University, also on the list of institutions for violation of Title IX, is the most recent university to ban romantic and sexual relationships involving professors and undergraduates.

Policy on Consensual Faculty-Student Relationships Washington.

“Even a single case of a relationship gone wrong is unacceptable,” said Page Jr. The policy revision also includes relationships involving graduate students and undergraduate students under their supervision.

Can I date my professor? - <em>dating</em> teacher Ask MetaFilter

Can I date my professor? - dating teacher Ask MetaFilter

The new policy, which extends farther than that of ASU, states, “No [Faculty of Arts and Sciences] Faculty member shall request or accept sexual favors from, or initiate or engage in a romantic or sexual relationship with, any undergraduate student at Harvard College.” ASU and Harvard University join other universities such as Yale, which banned faculty-student relationships in 2010, and the University of Connecticut, which did the same in 2013, according to The New York Times.

Too Close for Comfort Is Dating Your Professor Too Much?

The bgest issue with faculty-student affairs is that when there is power disparity there is no relationship, said Billie Dziech, a professor at the University of Cincinnati and author of the book “The Lecherous Professor: Sexual Harassment on Campus”.

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