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They have a 5,500-year history dating back to Mesopotamia—the cradle of civilization—which is present day Iraq.

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In its heyday, Mesopotamia encompassed all of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and parts of Iran. ), Abraham was from the city of Ur—which is identified as “Ur of the Chaldeans,” the city of his ancestors.

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Ancient Babylonians were the first civilization to: Like many ethnic s, Chaldeans began immrating to the Metropolitan Detroit area in the 1920s in search of better economic, relious and political freedom and opportunities.

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While some were lured by Henry Ford’s famous $5-a-day working wage, in true Chaldean fashion entrepreneurial endeavors quickly took hold – particularly mom and pop food . Metro Detroit has the world’s largest population outside of Iraq, with an estimated 150,000 people.

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