Are asian parents strict about dating

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People Share The Sweetest Thing Their 'Strict'

My name is [y/n]." you shook the hand of the girl he fell for. You never understood why he liked her in the first place.

Asian Girls are The Most Awkward -

you and her used to be best friends, but that all changed when she went to the dark side.~ flashback~She pushed you to the floor as she and her clique laughed. You fucking got me in trouble and now I got detention for the whole month!

<em>Asian</em> <em>Parents</em> and <em>Dating</em> Hetalia Version by

Parents like Amy Chua are the reason why

The pain was unbearable, you wanted it to stop.however that wasn't happening as her friends started to join in beating you up.

Asian Parents and Dating Hetalia Version by

But a silver haired boy about your age found you and took you to the hospital.

Are asian parents strict about dating:

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