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K-Variety Show Review An Introduction to Gag Concert.

) where they gave the cast a second chance at skits that didn't make it to air.

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I didn't realize that they had all of those extra skits that were only shown live.

<b>Somi吧</b> <b>Somi</b> Bar on Instagram “VID 170528 <b>Somi</b> for <b>Gag</b>.


Edited to ask - people on here are always going on about how FNC has more comedians than others, but Kim Junho owns an agency that represents A LOT of Gag Concert people (42 according to pedia).

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I know that they aren't at the same level as FNC's talent, but that is more than they have rht? I do like that most sketches don't last for more than a couple of months, they grow stale fast.

An somi gag concert dating:

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