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And so the Filipina entrepreneur created an app which not only discouraged users from meeting one-on-one but also offered a chaperone service for those who requested it. It is a model shared by Hong Kong-based app Grouvly, which sets up s of six people for dates.'Hard to meet people' "When I came to Asia, I realised it was hard to meet people," explains Colombian-born CEO Camilo Paredes."I also realised that most of the Asians were somewhat shy, they're not confrontational, they don't put themselves out there."His solution was to mimic American er, which matches two people according to the information on their profiles, then asks them to bring two friends with them to a bar for a six-person meet up.

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While the majority of pairings are men meeting women, there is also the option of all-male or all-female dates."One-on-one can be super awkward.

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Two-on-two is still slhtly awkward, but three-on-three is the magic number," says Paredes.

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Alongside expats, Hong Kongers now make up 50 percent of Grouvly's users.

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