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Last Thursday, I was faced with an important decision.

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I'd seen Avatar in December, but really wanted to see it again before it was out of theaters. On one hand, Tyler coming to San Diego is a rare experience.

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March 25 would be the last day it was in 3D in San Diego. On the other hand, Avatar on the b screen in 3D would not likely be repeated again. It didn't help my confidence that in his introduction, he said "This 2 hour presentation is kind of like a movie. Tyler started off with giving us a "brain dump." It was kind of like the format of a random Eckhart Tolle speech.

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At the same time, my friend Blake gave me a letting me know that Tyler would be in town for the free tour, and playing in-field footage. Whatever current epiphanies are swirling in his mind, he lets out in an unscripted, note-free monologue.

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