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If I had it my way, there'd be a bi-weekly, if not weekly, podcast of just Tyler speaking into a mic saying whatever is on his mind, even if it's while he's stuck in traffic in downtown LA.

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"The man beeping his horn is projecting to the world his nimbus deficit and asking for validation to know that's normal in traffic." Anything, man. It's possible that some of the ivory tower suits in the RSD Corporate Headquarters (72nd floor of U. Bank Tower, if you were wondering) think that we'd get bored of ongoing Tyler-speak if he gave us updates on his mindframe all the time. But we gotta work with the hand we're dealt, so I took as many notes as I could for the limited time we had.

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He started off with a National Geographic video of baboons bullying each other.

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My first thought was, "Hey, I came to see Tyler, not a bunch of primates amogging each other," but it really tied into the subject at hand, so I was glad.

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