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Love me Tinder – tales from the frontline of modern dating Life and.

We are your nehbors, co-workers, family members, and friends. We hope that you’ll be touched and inspired by these voices of real couples from all backgrounds talking about why marriage matters to them. Michelle and Jamila met in a bowling alley in Austin, Texas in 1990.

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As chance would have it, their lanes were nehboring one another.

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Real Relationship Stories Dating Stories and Real Live Drama

“We just struck up a conversation,” Michelle says “We ourselves the gay Cleavers,” say Tobi and Karen.

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“If you look at any traditional American family, we’re it – except our daughter has two moms. All we want is to be recognized as a family.” Whether they're floating down a river in a dodgy motorboat in Borneo or exploring an underground city in Turkey, Chris Maffia and Donna Crinnian know at least one thing for sure: they're in it together.

Real dating stories:

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