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If she was trying to speak or breathe (since she was still alive) and your intention was - after all - to her, surely by controlling her airways you could control whether she could incriminate you or not?

Samantha Taylor- Oscar Pistorius’ Ex

When Oscar Pistorius—the South African “Blade Runner,” who overcame a double amputation to compete in the Olympics last year—shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day, the millions he’d inspired were faced with a shocking possibility: that their hero was also a er. on February 14, Detective Hilton Botha, a 24-year veteran of the South African Police Service, was awakened by a phone from his colonel.

Samantha Taylor- Oscar Pistorius’ Ex

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With Pistorius claiming that Steenkamp’s death was an accident, Mark Seal delves into the murder case that has rocked the country, and the paths the couple took to that fatal nht. “Oscar’s shot his girlfriend,” Botha told his wife, Audrey, after hanging up. “We all know Oscar,” she told me a month later in a Johannesburg café, where we sat with her husband.

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Why did you stop shouting to Reeva after the fourth shot? You also don't mention the bullets you used, how many bullets you fired, or the blood on the floor.

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