Police officer dating ex felon

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APD officer fired for giving sex assault

A police inspector who used his van door to knock a brazen thief off his Boris bike has defended the 'nudging' tactic that was caught on CCTV.

Oklahoma police officer adopts boy

Jake Nedd, 31, was filmed raiding a black Range Rover parked outside a row of terraced houses in Dawes Road, Fulham, west London, where houses sell for upwards of £1.2 million, last Sunday.

APD <strong>officer</strong> fired for giving sex assault

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Footage shows the criminal - who has since been jailed - taking several items from a car before fleeing the scene laden with bags from the boot and front of the vehicle.


But as he starts to cycle away police give chase and swing open their door sending the thief flying over his handlebars.

Police officer dating ex felon:

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