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Slow Dance, Fast Track Last September, as the first leaves fluttered from the trees, Jill S. At age 11, just entering sixth grade, Ann was flush with excitement over her first boyfriend.

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"When I picked her up at a middle-school dance, she was so happy and said, 'Guess who I danced with? ' It was all sort of happening for her that nht, in a very sweet way." But the innocence gave way to parental concern two days later, when David ed and asked Ann to go to the movies.

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' It was David, a boy she'd described as her 'mortal enemy' for two years. Even though a double date was planned, Jill felt her daughter was too young to pair up.

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After conferring with the boy's parents, an alternative was planned: the kids had pizza at David's house, then went bowling with parents in tow.

Middle school dating for parents:

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