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Listening to Birds in the Anthropocene The Anxious Semiotics of.

We want to update all our loyal customers about the service outages that many of you are experiencing today. Unfortunately, Microsoft never contacted us or asked us to block any subdomains, even though we have an open line of communication with Microsoft corporate executives. They claim that their intent is to only filter out the known bad hostnames in each seized domain, while continuing to allow the good hostnames to resolve. Apparently, the Microsoft infrastructure is not able to handle the billions of queries from our customers.

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We have a long history of proactively working with other companies when cases of alleged malicious activity have been reported to us.

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Millions of innocent users are experiencing outages to their services because of Microsoft’s attempt to remediate hostnames associated with a few bad actors.


Had Microsoft contacted us, we could and would have taken immediate action.

John crist dating manifesto:

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