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Tyler Blackburn Says Asey Benson Did Not. - People's Choice

“Hanna went through a drinking phase, then a semi-depressed stage where she wore a lot of black, before she finally accepted herself,” says Benson, who loves playing Hanna because she considers her “sarcastic with no filter”—much like herself off-screen.

Tyler Blackburn & Asey Benson are still together, Their.

When the show returns, there will have been a five-year time jump. She works in fashion now and is the most successful out of all of the girls.” Spoiler alert for “Haleb,” aka Hanna and boyfriend Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), fans: The female half of that duo admits she was sad when she learned she and costar Blackburn’s characters had split.

Who is Asey <b>Benson</b> <b>dating</b> ? Asey. - Who's Dated Who?

Asey Benson Dating Pretty Little Liars Costar Tyler Blackburn.

“Hanna has graduated college and has moved on,” continues Benson. “But I’m excited for people to hate that they’re not together,” says Benson with a laugh.

Asey Benson Talks Dating Rumors, Beauty Secrets For.

It used to be you knew you had made it in Hollywood when your agent ed with the news that you were starring in a TV show or had landed a huge part in a movie.

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