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Officials say syphilis can have long-term, devastating consequences if not treated properly.“It can affect the blood vessels. It can cause what’s known as neurosyphilis which is actually quite serious,” warns Opondo.

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“So, the initial sore from syphilis can come and go in a couple of weeks and you think you’re better, but it continues to damage your insides.”Health officials say syphilis isn’t the only sexually transmitted infection on the rise.

Edmonton women seeking men - craslist

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There have been 69 diagnosed cases of gonorrhea compared to 53 in the first quarter of last year.“The fact that you’ve been infected with an STI probably means you’re having unprotected sex, and it means you’re probably at risk of getting HIV,” said Opondo.

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“This is one of the reasons we really want to be aggressive and deal with our STIs.”Health officials say if you’re having sex with a new partner(s) use protection, and if you suspect you have an STI, go and get tested.

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