Hook up medela breast pump

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The thing is, 3-6 weeks also happens to be the time when your reading comprehension ss are at an all-time low (from week after week of torturous sleep deprivation! At least, that’s where I found myself when the time came.

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I was staring at the thick Medela instruction booklet and really wishing that I could just a friend to come over and set it all up for me and show me how it’s done. This is me, coming to your house and showing you how to clean, sanitize, and assemble your pump parts with an overview on how to store your breastmilk!

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It’s not hard at all, but sometimes getting started can be a bit daunting.

Medela Mini Electric breast pump, Mother & Baby. Medela Ireland.

While you should still be sure to read the instruction manual, these videos should give you a helpful overview of the processes.

Hook up medela breast pump:

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