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Interracial Dating Best Black and White Dating Sites 2017

I just wanted to encourage you to keep up your job of bringing people together regardless of the color of their skin.

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I have met and I’m now dating an amazing Caucasian/ White man & just as I thank God for making this happen, I also want to thank all the persons who inspired or encouraged me or whose advice was a blessing for me on this journey.

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Stupid Things People Say About Interracial Dating.

I am someone who is naturally ‘voluptuous’ and has a very curvy physique. I think that as black women, a lot of the time, our weht gain issues stem from a variety of psychological issues since we have to deal with ‘two strikes against us’ ie: living both as a woman and as a black person- with no one to stand up for us but ourselves.

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Although I was interested in dating interracially & had indeed done so in the past before I put on weht, I got a lot of discouragement from friends & even articles I used to read about interracial dating as everyone insisted that to date interracially as a black woman, you need to be reed thin.

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