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Indeed experts predict there will be between 33 and 53 per cent more cases within ten years, says Jane Lyons, chief executive of The Eve Appeal, a charity that funds research into gynaecological cancers. As Juliette Sim, a specialist ­cancer nurse at Guy’s and St ­Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London, explains: ‘Some ­cancers are hormone related.‘And during menopause levels of the hormone progesterone, which has a protective effect on the ­lining of the womb, starts to drop, ­leaving the area susceptible to oestrogen’s adverse effects.’Taking oestrogen-only HRT is also a risk factor, although most women, like Gabrielle, are ­prescribed both oestrogen and progesterone to reduce the risk of womb ­cancer.

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Around 5 to 10 per cent of womb cancers are due to a family link.

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‘But the numbers are mainly on the increase due to our current lifestyle,’ says Juliette.

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‘First, increasing numbers of us are overweht which has an effect on ­hormone balance.’ There’s also a link between womb cancer and diabetes.‘More women are also not having as many children,’ adds Juliette.

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