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Here are the moments that we realised we were dating absolute d.

Now, I mht not have b jugs but they’re in proportion to my body and generally, I’d been happy with B cup life…until that point.

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The second was when he threw me out of his house (and bed) at 2 am and watched as I had to get dressed, search for a cab and then scep the 40 minutes back home (where I had to wake my mum up to let me in).

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There had been other bad things too but it wasn’t until I had to face my pissed off mum in the middle of the nht that I realised that the guy I was dating was a complete tosser.

Has "Living in the Moment" Made Me Apathetic About My Dating.

We didn’t break up until a year later but that was my watershed moment. You don’t get rid of them because often you don’t realise just want a complete prat they’ve been until after you eventually break up sometime later.

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