Dating for middle school

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Every year in our middle school ministry we do a “Love Spectrum” series where we talk about love, sex, dating, and relationships for an entire month.

What Middle Schoolers Want to Know About Love and Dating

At the end we always have a Q&A session where students can write questions and hear answers from volunteer leaders.

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Every year, multiple students ask “When should I start dating?

What is appropriate for dating at the middle school level.

”For clarity, when I use the word “dating” I’m referring to the middle school conception of dating, which is usually synonymous with the phrase “going out.” Middle school dating involves one boy and one girl going public with the fact that they like each other and their relationship is more than “just friends.” They may or may not communicate with each other more than normal friends and may or may not spend time together outside of school or church activities. Here are seven thoughts for parents about middle school students and dating.

Dating for middle school:

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