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This is the "rule" that the third date is the sex date. the Dirty 30's don't seem to see any reason to play games. Rules like that are moot when it isn't even a date. I dumped my first boyfriend after two months, because I realized I would never want to marry him. : P "Also, do you really need to have actual intercourse with a person to know whether or not you are sexually compatable?

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When do your panties/thty whities hit the floorboards? What if it starts as a hookup then you really get to liking each other enough to start dating/living together/making future plans (my personal situation)? I mean, I've never had a fantastic make-out session or third base run, only to find out that the intercourse itself was unacceptable. I certainly understand the desire to find out about sexual compatibility before wasting a lot of time, because I had, when I was dating, some very awkward moments after some very awkward sex.

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Or when would they have back when you were still dating? When do you have sex with a guy -- and what's the reasoning behind your timetable? One girlfriend invited me over with the huge hint that I should buy condoms on the way. She strung me out for two weeks before she would even go on date one. As far as conventional dating, well, I suppose it depends on how much communication there is (and the quality/frequency of it) and the amount of time that goes by between dates. If you've had a lot of dates beforehand and things seemed to be going well until the point of having sex, it becomes pretty obvious why you're ending things, even when you make other excuses.

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If you're a woman, do you go by the third date rule? And guys, what's your thinking about The Third Date Rule? My wife wondered if there was something wrong with me. That, in turn, depends on how much you are into each other. But I also discovered that guys are rarely bad in bed if they can kiss well and passionately.

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